then I won't shatter to pieces everytime I hurt
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I was digging through some stuffs and found this… A figurine I painted 8 years ago back in 3rd year high school..ahh memories!

Mickey lost his nose b’coz he was passed around the room after I was graded..poor mouse :)

Mangez bien, riez souvent, aimez beaucoup (at La Vie Parisienne)

From this wall to yours..its single awareness day and Happy feast of Saint Valentine.. ;) (at Ayala Center Cebu New Wing)

Late breakfast.. Cooked some bacon and scrambled eggs.

My home made cinnamon pancakes

I’m back from a short leave from this thing we called online community.. Lol

Made some Onion Rings just to make this Monday productive..

Beautiful Time Lapse of Aurora Borealis Richard Gottardo shot this timelapse video over a period of seven hours. According to Gottardo a combination of heightened solar activity led to “a brilliant display of the northern lights was visible across North America”. This video shows the aurora borealis above the Rocky Mountains in Southern Alberta. Credit: Richard Gottardo Find more Storyful videos on Yahoo Screen.

A new day, new hope. Greet this new day with open arms and endless possibility.



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